Products and Services

  • Precast Concrete elements:

    Few building materials available today offer the economy, flexibility and reliability of Precast Concrete.
    Both architectural and structural components have proven themselves in low-rise and high-rise buildings of all kinds, as well as schools, multistory car parks, villas, boundary walls and other structures.

    Casting concrete in a factory allows the manufacturer to exercise precise control over all available that affect its durability, strength and appearance.

    Exeed Precast produces precast elements under strict Quality Assurance and Quality Control complying with the International Standard for Quality. The carefully quality controlled conditions under which the concrete is moulded and cast ensures that the dense precast concrete components will have smooth surfaces that resist moisture penetration, fungus and corrosion.

    Fast construction means earlier completion. This, in turn, means earlier occupancy or use of the premises, and reduces the high cost of both onsite labour and interim financing.

    The advanced and automated factory production methods have also permitted Exeed Precast to vastly expand the design flexibility possible with precast.

    Variation of sands, cement, aggregates, and the use of chemical and mechanical treatments, will result in striking rich and varied differences in colour and texture.

    Stone, tile or other masonry materials can also be cast into Precast Panels while still at the factory, enabling designers to achieve the look of a much more expensive material at a fraction of cost.

    Exeed Precast product range covers all aspects of construction elements and section such as:

    • Precast concrete footings to in different measurements as per the design requirements.
    • Precast concrete beams in variety of sizes, shapes and lengths.
    • Precast concrete spandrels.
    • Precast concrete slabs.
    • Precast concrete solid wall panels acting as load bearing and non – load bearing elements.
    • Precast concrete insulated wall panels (sandwich panels) consisting of two reinforced concrete layers covering an insulation layer between them for better thermal and sound insulation.
    • Precast concrete cladding for all kinds of structures.
    • Precast concrete columns with wide range of sizes and shapes.
    • Precast concrete stairs adopting different measurements and shapes.
    • Precast concrete parapets.
    • Precast concrete manholes.
    • Precast concrete barriers.
    • Precast concrete retaining walls.
    • Precast concrete boundary wall with a vast range of designs, measurements, shapes and types.
  • Prestressed Concrete elements:

    Prestressed concrete can most easily be defined as pre compressed concrete. This means that a compressive stress is put into a concrete member before it begins its working life and is positioned to be in areas where tensile stress will develop under working load.

    The Precast Prestressed elements are produced on special pre-stressing beds, where their main reinforcement, 7 wire low relaxation strands, are tensioned individually between two abutments by means of a special hydraulic jack, according to the required structural design. The advantages of the Precast Prestressed structures are mainly that they are spacious, economical, time saving, high load capacity, and no formwork required. Combining quality, Economy, Speed and Flexibility, it is the building material of choice.

    Exeed Precast designs complete structures ( such as schools, factories, multistory car parks, tunnel roofs, water tank roofs, bridges, etc..) having prestressed columns, precast prestressed main girders, precast prestressed beams, double tee, or prestressed concrete slabs.
  • Filigree slabs:

    Exeed filigree slab (also called planks) is a reinforced semi precast concrete slab with a minimum thickness of 5–6 cm with a single steel reinforced mesh and lattice girder to give stiffness once installed. Depending on the concrete covering and reinforcement, it can be up to 7 cm thick.

    The slab is made into a solid and monolithic reinforced concrete floor by using cast-in-situ concrete that is poured at the construction site. The addition of insulation layer for better thermal and sound results is possible. The thickness of the finished floor slab is between 12 and 30 cm, depending on the span and the loading. The protruding truss reinforcement and the concrete surface itself provide the required anchoring, ensuring good bonding and adhesion between the finished part and the cast-in-situ concrete.

    This process effectively accelerates the construction of structures with enhanced physical and aesthetic properties, and in most cases, reduces their construction cost. It is economical, fast, quality superior and time saver.

    The Filigree method is a process for construction of concrete decks that successfully integrates "factory precast" and field-construction technologies. Exeed filigree slabs can be used as floor slabs as well as a shuttering system for cast-in-situ slabs with the use of post-tensioning system.

    There are no limitations in the use of Exeed filigree slab system. It can be used in any construction project under any conditions.
  • Double wall:

    The double wall system consists of two skins of concrete separated by an insulated void. A typical 21 cm thick wall panel consists of two skins of reinforced concrete (each skin is 7 cm thick). The two skins are held together with steel trusses. The walls are produced with smooth surfaces on both sides because of the unique manufacturing process which form finishes both sides. The walls are simply painted or stained on the exterior surface to achieve the desired color or textured surface. When desired, the exterior surface can be manufactured to have a wide variety of brick, stone, wood or other formed and patterned appearances.

    The insulated void in the double wall can be air, insulation layer or a combination of both air and insulation layer for better thermal and sound insulation results.

    Window and door openings are cast into the walls at the manufacturing plant as part of the fabrication process. Electrical and telecommunications conduit and boxes are flush mounted and cast directly in the panels in the specified locations.

    Double-wall precast concrete sandwich panels can be used on most every type of building including but not limited to: high rise buildings, low rise buildings, hotels, schools and villas.

    Depending upon building function and layout, the double-wall panels can be easily designed to handle both the structural requirements for strength and safety, as well as the aesthetic and sound attenuation qualities the owner desires. Speed of construction, durability of finished structure and energy-efficiency are all hallmarks of a building that utilizes the double-wall system.
  • Hollow Core Slabs

    Exeed Precast Hollow Core slabs are prestressed concrete elements that are cast with advanced extrusion technique to be used as floor and roof deck system, partition walls as well as boundary wall panels.

    The primary purpose of the cores/voids running through the slabs continuously is to decrease the weight and materials within the floor, yet maintaining the maximal strength. These voids also offer the possibility to be used as service ducts for concealed services such as plumbing and electrical. They can be even used as ducts for air conditioning.

    Building systems using hollow core slabs have proven to be effective and efficient in residential buildings, schools, hospitals, car parks, multistory buildings and multipurpose centers. They are adaptable to low, medium or high-rise structures. Exeed Precast offers a range of depth for hollow core slabs: 150, 200, 265, 320, 400, 450 and 500 millimeters. Depending on the requirements of the project, our design team will provide the most adequate and economical design that will suit the span and loading performance and comply with the codes of practice.

    The benefits of Exeed Precast Hollow Core slabs are many:

    -Supreme quality

    Exeed Precast Hollow Core slabs are produced in the factory through automatic machines under controlled conditions using the extrusion technique, which combine high output, low manpower and supreme quality product.

    -Fast construction at site

    Exeed Precast Hollow Core slabs are cut to fit the actual size before arriving the construction site, allowing fast and simple erection process, thus cutting time of construction, saving finance costs and expedite the income from using the buildings.

    -Easy to erect

    The erection of Exeed Precast Hollow Core slabs is an easy task. No need for any expensive or complicated formworks, or even temporary probing, which give a free space with vastly access within the construction site. Also, a small erection crew is required to erect the hollow core slabs at site which keep the time of the tradesmen at minimum.

    -Light weight

    The presence of the voids in the hollow core slabs reduces the dead load on the floor yet maintaining the strength compared to other flooring system.

    -Long spans

    Exeed Precast Hollow Core slabs can easily accommodate long spans up to 24 meter without the use of intermediate beams and columns.

    -High load capacity

    Exeed Precast Hollow Core slabs can handle any heavy load required in structures such as factories, warehouse, bridges, schools, storage buildings without increasing the deck thickness or adding multitudes of beams and columns.

    -Sound resistance

    Exeed Precast Hollow Core slabs posses the low sound transmission property. The density and configuration of the hollow core slabs combine to lend themselves extremely well to control of both impact and airborne sound transmission.

    -Fire resistance

    Exeed Precast Hollow Core slabs are fire resistant structural elements. Fire tests and studies demonstrated the high performance characteristics of hollow core slabs. Two hours fire rating can be easily achieved without additional topping. The addition of topping will produce rating of up to four hours which will satisfy even the most stringent code requirements.