About Us

Exeed Precast L.L.C is a subsidiary of Exeed Industries L.L.C which is owned by National Holding.

Exeed Precast will  be the leading manufacturers of Precast, concrete components and Hollow core Slabs in the United Arab Emirates. We offer our wide expertise in the field of architectural and structural design and detailing mould making, manufacturing, erecting, fixing, and sealing all types of precast concrete elements. Exeed Precast industrial complex consists of a mega sized manufacturing plant.

With operations commenced in 2010, located in ICAD 2 over an area of 220,000 m2, the factory of Exeed Precast contains a pallet circulating system production section with 100 casting pallets operating through a fully-automated production system with the latest  technology and machinery, a state of Art Hollow core production halls consisting of 16 lanes of hollow core production with the latest technology, in addition to a special production halls for the production of prestressed concrete elements, columns, staircases and boundary walls.

Exeed Precast factory is equipped with the latest technology steel reinforcement machines that tailor the steel reinforcement mesh and cages required.

Exeed Precast offers a complete construction solution for converting traditional CIS system to Precast Concrete system, from the architectural and structural detailing produced by our Design Office, to the manufacturing, until the handing over by our erection teams.

We undertake the engineering of construction business with a focus on adaptability and flexibility to engineering requirements to meet project demand while building excellence in every aspect to meet customers stringent requirements regarding quality, on time delivery, safety and environmental concerns, through product development and value engineering.

Exeed Precast operation follows strict safety and quality control procedures that cover the whole process from detailing stage to handing over, and maintain the high quality reputation.

Exeed Precast believes that expert Human Resources is the key to both Customer Satisfaction, and Quality Products. Therefore our employees are regularly being trained on both innovation techniques, and quality issues.

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