About Us

From the two largest standalone farms in Al Ain, UAE, Exeed Farms produce  and sell  finest quality milk, livestock and manure. Both farms use a state of the art Dairy Management Systems which have aided improvements in production, yields and quality since operations commenced, and have contributed to the excellent reputation Exeed Farms enjoys throughout the industry.

National Dairy Farm (NDF) covers an area of 200,000 sqm and  has a production capacity of 12.8 million liters per year from the herd of 2,000 cattle while Masakin Dairy Farm (MDF), in operation since 1997, occupies an area of 90,000 sqm  and produces 6.2 million liters per year from a herd of more than 1,000 cattle.

Fact Sheet
Factory Exeed Farms
Major Products Fresh Milk
Starting Date 2002
Capacity 19 million litres
Area (sq.m) 290,000 sq.m
Location Al Ain